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army corps responds to catastrophic tire breach, warns “you better get that looked at”

Last week my car became a whiner. Not entirely unlike my cats when they want to be petted, the car started demanding attention. It began, innocuously enough, with a service light and its attendant beepy noise, which would alert me that the car was feeling needy every time I turned it on. Being an attentive car owner, I immediately made an appointment and took the car in for an oil change. Well, apparently the car feels more comfortable talking about its needs with a disinterested third party, because it turned out that in addition to the oil change it also needed a tire rotation, a fuel system flush, and some sort of process that cleaned its rear brake pads. It became a car spa day of sorts.

Fast forward to this morning, when the car violently clanked its way down the driveway. I pulled to the corner, got out, and surveyed the damage of an entirely flat front tire. Now I'm not typically one to try and lift an entire vehicle several inches above the ground or replace its critical parts, but we all have to do our part for self-reliance in the PostKatrinaRitaWorld. So I stood ouside, alternately staring at the spare tire and owners' manual, and committed to changing the tire myself.

I should probably point out that I live directly across the street from the site where the Army Corps of Engineers is installing its flood gates at the Orleans Canal – not usually a fortunate location if one enjoys (1) sleep, or (2) unobstructed motoring. But this morning, as I was wiping the sweat from my brow and contemplating AAA, I learned to appreciate the small benefits of The Recovoery. Two workers walked across the street and offered to "fix your tire in a jiffy." That's a direct quote.

I don't like to stand between a man and a good deed, so I let them, all the time thinking:

* Whoever said sweating ain't ladylike?

* The federal government is probably spending millions of dollars for these guys to change my flat tire.

And you know what? I must not be as self-reliant as we thought. I sopped up that federal aid with a smile.


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