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recovery takes a holiday

So I’m in St. Louis this week to see two friends ordained as priests in the Episcopal church. It’s a pretty overwhelming prospect, having friends who are priests I mean. One of them is only 25. She’ll be able to bless my car and give me holy water before I drive home.

I guess that means that they can’t testify against me in a court of law, so horray for the priesthood.

I don’t envy my friends who have to split their time between New Orleans and someplace else. It’s heart-wrenchingly difficult not to be there. I’d originally thought that this trip – my first time leaving the city since I returned in October – would be a great opportunity for me to recharge myself, but I find that all I think about is New Orleans. I miss the coffee and my cats. I miss the architecture, the fact that people actually seem to have a purpose, and I even miss the community meetings. I miss the contentious nature of a public dialogue in which people feel passionately about civic issues. I miss New Orleans.


June 29, 2006 at 6:14 pm 4 comments

so apparently this is a blog

I had never really intended to become a "blogger." Even when my roommate used her LiveJournal to tell me that she'd moved out 3 days before. I thought it a personal afront rather than some sort of commentary on my life. She was a heartless egotist for using such an impersonal method of communication becuase it certainly was not the case that a LiveJournal could actually *be* your primay method of personal communication.

Still I was not a blogger. I was a reader. And when I'd post anything at all it was out of some strange sense of duty. As though there were was cavernous, lonely space all over the interweb just waiting for me to fill it. Fluff to fill the void, as it were.

Well, now I'm apparently blogging again. I'd say it was "despite my best intentions," like it's out of my control. But, of course, it's not. In fact, I think it must be because of my best intentions that I'm finally starting to presume a place for myself in the internets, with an inflated sense of self-efficacy as though I had useful information to give.

You know, in The New New Orleans community meetings are all the rage. I guess I should rage on, then. There might be some lonely interweb frontage out there…

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