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planning is the new leisure

Tomorrow I will be attending the Festival of Neighborhoods in the Botanical Gardens at City Park. The Festival will be held in conjunction with the Mid-City Art Market, and will give neighborhood groups a chance to show off their planning progress. Nonprofits will also be there to offer help. There will be food, music, childrens' activities, and various members of the plant kingdom.

I'll be manning the CUPA table and trying to convince people that urban studies and urban planning are still alive at UNO, an uphill battle in light of the administration's decision to disband our college.

I hope to see you there. Plannining is so hard core in The New New Orleans!


June 23, 2006 at 7:46 pm 1 comment

collective strength update

A note for those who missed Robin Rather's presentation to the Neighborhoods' Planning Network:

You totally missed out. Although I had seen her speak to the LRA yesterday, I still found Robin's presentation fascinating and engaging. And for a presentation of methodology and statistics it was strangely uplifting.

In essence, the Collective Strength team interviewed 2500 South Louisianians about their needs, fears, values, and visions for the future. They found an almost unprecedented consensus surrounding issues like coastal restoration, education, and the importance of transparency in the planning process – but perhaps most importantly they found that more than 80% of respondents felt that, if our plans were inclusive and well-executed, New Orleans would be the same or better than it was before the storm.

I know everybody out there must love reading social science research as much as I do, so check out Collective Strength's report here.

June 17, 2006 at 3:57 am 1 comment

and the survey says…

Robin Rather:, daughter of Dan Rather and representative of Collective Strength, will present the results of her in-depth survey of South Louisiana residents. Are they coming back? Do they trust the government? What are their biggest concerns? Do they think the region will ever recover?

Come see this dynamic presentation that will help you understand who we are, what we're facing, and where we need to go from here!

June 16th. 6-8pm. Musicians' Union Hall. 2401 Esplanade Avenue.

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a few pictures from the last couple of days

Subtitle: I know you're jealous of all the community meetings I get to go to….

My mother and I saw this make-shift memorial to a building lost. Strangely moving. If anybody can tell me more about this building, I'd be grateful.

CityWorks, Tuesday Night

Eat your heart out ladies! Gentilly Civic Improvement Association, Tuesday night

Let's Play "Count the Documentary Filmmakers"

Neighborhoods' Planning Network, Wednesday Night

Wait! You missed one!

Kathleen Blanco: Concerned yet Confident. LRA meeting. Today.

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neighborhoods’ planning network

The Neighborhoods' Planning Network will meet this Wednesday. 6pm. Musicians' Union Hall.

Here's a picture of last week's meeting just in case you've forgotten what Arnie Fielkow looks like from far away:

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