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This picture was taken at the Army Corps’ flood gate construction site.  It’s right across the street from my house.

Words escape me…….


August 14, 2006 at 8:43 pm 18 comments

i guess gentilly will have to wait

The Lakeview presentation started late, as community meetings are want to do, so I didn't 'get to Gentilly.

Since I had written the first draft of the presentation, I didn't learn much new information. But it was heartening to see so many Lakeview residents coming back to rededicate themselves to the neighborhood. Although I've done a lot of work with the The District 5 Recovery Team, I never stop being amazed by the organized but grassroots nature of their work. When it seemed that professional planners might never come to their aid, the neighborhoods developed an elaborate committee structure and combined the efforts of Lakeview, Lake Vista, Lakeshore, City Park, Country Club Gardens, Lakwood, and Parkview.

In the end, when the paid planners did come, Lakeview residents were ready for them. They had already developed a proposed land use scheme and overlay zoning districts. They had collected detailed data about current infrastructure needs and mobilized block captains to survey current conditions. So today's presentation was really an oportunity for planners to organize the information residents had already collected.

Here's a mercifully brief photo essay:

Paul Lambert did business before the presentation

Freddy Yoder and Martin Landrieu discussed the agenda while

everyone socialized.

Once the meeting started a consultant presented previous work done by the District 5 Recovery Group,

and we tried to pretend we weren't being filmed.

It was pretty difficult.

Come to think of it, it was very difficult.

Later, Jim Amdal got pretty fired up about infrastructure,

But who can really blame him?

Finally, Martin reminded us that a finished plan is only the beginning of the rebuilding process.

But it's a step in the right direction.

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tag team planning

I'll be trying to make it to two meetings today: Alfredo Sanches' presentation to residents of planning district 5 and the Gentilly Civic Improvement Association housing committee. Of course they are taking place at exactly the same time, 1-3pm. This makes me strangely annoyed, as though Lakeview and Genitlly were colluding to ensure that I miss out on neighborhood planning breakthroughs. What if there were some revelation of the public will?

Or worse… what if I forgot about something I'd promised to do. I've never really bought into the anthropological ideology, but this participant observation stuff is tough. I'm constantly asking myself iterations of the same question: What skews my analysis more? Participating in planning as a concerned citizen of New Orleans, or the artifice of forced neutrality. There's an exhilarating dissonance that comes from flinging myself into this from both sides.

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lake vista property owners’ association

Lake Vista Property Owners' Association meeting. Tonight. 7pm. St. Pius School.

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